The strange death of silas deane

Deane had made such an impression in Philadelphia, however, that he was chosen by the Committee on Secrecy to procure supplies as Congress' agent to France. Congress then proceeded to ignore Deane's efforts to meet, make his report, and present his accounts for payment.

Business and Legal Papers relate mostly to shipping and shipping interests, particularly regarding contracts with the British Government over the supply of spar masts from the North American colonies. Remaining in London, Silas Deane explored many ideas for the promotion of post-war Anglo American commerce.

Silas Deane

His condition depleted his remaining money and forced him to depend on the charity of friends. Deane's mansion in Wethersfieldnow the Silas Deane Househas been restored, declared a National Historical Landmarkand been opened to the public as a part of the Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum.

After attending to family commercial business in Virginia, Deane returned to France in March as a private citizen.

After the fact : the art of historical detection

Deane would have preferred to postpone his return but, on the advice of Franklin, sailed on D'Estaing's flagship with Conrad A. Gerard, the first French minister to the United States. He disliked his fellow delegate, Roger Sherman, and their incongeniality later hurt Deane as Sherman opposed him politically.

During the year in which Deane waited on Congress he was nominated for a seat in the upper house of the Connecticut legislature but did not serve.

Strange Death of Silas Deane

Mehitable died in The younger Silas was able to obtain a full scholarship to Yale and graduated in By their active engagement in historical inquiry, students will learn for themselves why historians are continuously reinterpreting the past, and why new interpretations emerge not only from uncovering new evidence but from rethinking old evidence in the light of new ideas springing up in our own times.

Historical Comprehension Students will read historical stories, biographies, autobiographies, and narratives with comprehension, and take into account what the narrative reveals of the motives and intentions, hopes, doubts, fears, strengths, and weaknesses.

Students will develop the ability to describe the past on its own terms and avoid judging the past solely in terms of the norms and values of today. Deane's mansion in Wethersfieldnow the Silas Deane Househas been restored, declared a National Historical Landmarkand been opened to the public as a part of the Webb-Deane-Stevens Museum.

In Fall delegates to the Continental Congress were elected rather than appointed, and Sherman's organization defeated Deane. Edward Bancroft, the erstwhile secretary of the American Commissioners in Paris, whose role as a double agent for the British would not be revealed until about The Memorial contains accounts and important documents such as Lafayette's commission.

Deane met his first wife, Mehitable Webb, while settling the estate of her late husband, Joseph Webb. A road in Ledyard, Connecticut is also named for him. They had one son, Jesse, born in On arrival, he discovered that he was nearly ruined financially because the value of his investments had plummeted and some ships carrying his merchandise had been captured by the British.

For a variety of reasons, many of the foreign officers were unpopular in America, and many in Congress blamed Deane for their behavior, [14] [15] leading them to recall him on December 8, Folders are numbered sequentially within each series.

Louis XVI also presented Deane with a portrait framed with diamonds, and both Vergennes and Franklin wrote letters of commendation.

Lovell only mentioned giving a report to Congress about European affairs, and Deane fully expected to be sent back to Paris within a few months.

It requires following and evaluating arguments and arriving at usable, even if tentative, conclusions based on the available evidence. He departed March 16, and arrived at Bordeaux in May.

Through this and other deals, Deane managed to ship supplies and guns to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.After the fact: the art of historical detection. [James West Davidson; Mark H Lytle] -- Under the historians eye, the puzzles of the past turn and reveal themselves. Here are good stories well told, displaying the essential fascination of scholarship in action and what it can accomplish.

The strange death of Silas Deane: the problem of.

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GMT The Strange Death of Silas - Google Docs - Download the strange death of europe or read the strange death of europe online books in PDF, EPUB and Mobi Format.

Click Download or Read Online button to get the strange death of europe book now. Tue, 06 Nov GMT Post. There are quite a few reasons for Silas Deane’s death that historians have come up with after studying his life and the people around him.

Though, we will never know which one is truly the correct answer to the mystery of how he died. During this upcoming semester we will be investigating several of my favorite subjects, the American Revolution, the colonial and the post-Independence period.

The Strange Death of Europe is a highly personal account of a continent and culture caught in the act of suicide. Declining birth rates, mass immigration, and cultivated self-distrust and self-hatred have come together to make Europeans unable to argue for themselves and incapable of resisting their own.

Based on the chapter "The Strange Death of Silas Deane," what can we conclude about history? (What is history?) -Writing history involves the acts of analyzing and selecting in order to review the results of an investigation (pg xxix).

The strange death of silas deane
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