Hard stock paper

If you have to have a coated stock for better print quality, matte stocks can sometimes be used with certain types of pens. Uncoated papers are rarely suitable for screens above lpi.

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Cover stock is thicker paper that is often used as covers for books. Premium papers offer nicer textures, better coatings, higher brightness and greater attention to detail. Recycled paper is made from post-consumer waste Hard stock paper goes through a process to be turned back into paper or from pre-consumer waste like sawdust from lumber and furniture manufacturing.

UV Coating cannot be used on the addressed side of mailed pieces, unless the address is printed first and then the coating is applied. It can be applied in small areas, termed spot UV, creating brilliant highlights on your piece. It also looks beautiful on brochures, catalog covers, and stand-alone flyers.

UV coating is not a good idea for a piece that will be folded, scored, foil stamped or embossed. Stiffness also gives strength and reduces the propensity of a carton to bulge under the weight of settling flowable contents such as cereals.

Smoothness is particularly important when being used for printing, the smoother the paperboard, the better the image quality, because of better ink coverage. It makes details really pop! The paper is then fed onto reels if it is to be used on web printing presses, or cut into sheets for other printing processes or other purposes.

Before sustainable paper was your business card, it was cleaning the air.

What printers handle printing on heavy paper?

Linen Paper Linen paper looks and feels like the fine linen fabric for which it is named. Both measure how thick, sturdy and rugged the paper is. There are three main classifications of recycled fibre:. UV coating, often called liquid lamination, is a great addition for added pop and shine.

The use of varnish has pretty much been superseded by aqueous and UV coatings, but is available as a custom option. Step 2 Decide which stock you want to buy and verify that the company is issuing paper stock certificates.

The high gloss has the effect of making colors appear even more vibrant and kinetic. Paper is weighed in stacks of sheets, and the resulting weight in pounds is the weight designation for that paper. Most business cards are printed on 12 or 14pt cover stock, while extra thick cards are printed on 18pt or 24pt or thicker stock.

Textured finishes, watermarks and wire patterns imitating hand-made laid paper can be created by the use of appropriate rollers in the later stages of the machine. But the inverse, a thick paper that isn't a higher weight, is uncommon. Finishing The paper may then undergo sizing to alter its physical properties for use in various applications.

Cardstock – Types, Colors, and Projects

What kinds of recycled paper do we have? Coated paper has a thin layer of material such as calcium carbonate or china clay applied to one or both sides in order to create a surface more suitable for high-resolution halftone screens.

Uncoated stock is naked paper - it's perfect for writing. Premium Papers When you hear the term premium paper know that it really just refers to paper stocks that have the best attributes of thickness, texture, opacity, brightness and coating. If you're interested in this, order a sample from us because you have to feel soft-touch coating to really understand what it can do.

The smaller the point, the thinner the paper. Improves the durability of postcards as they go through the mail, and protects business cards as they get shuffled between clients. It is added on top of the ink on coated paper stock and is often used on postcards, making them basically waterproof.

Coated papers are divided into matte, semi-matte or silk, and gloss. It is a heavy 14pt stock well suited for detailed, crisp printing without sacrificing the ability to easily write on the paper.

Cardstock Paper

Thinner paper is usually cheaper and uses less material, making it more environmentally friendly. Tip If you buy stock in a company that incorporated in Arizona, state law mandates that the company must issue paper stock certificates.

Get your company and printed pieces noticed and stand out from the crowd with a premium paper stock. It feels like paper, acts like paper, and prints like paper but it is water resistant and tear-proof.Paper that is sold as either "card stock" or "cover stock" is thicker and more durable than standard drawing or construction paper, but thinner and more flexible than cardboard.

While these heavier mediums are sold under different weights, thicknesses and labels, they serve basically the same. Clearwater Paper Corp (NYSE:CLW) released its earnings results on Thursday, November, 8th.

The basic materials company reported $ earnings per share for the quarter, beating the consensus estimate of $ by $ Cover stock: is a specific term reserved for heavy weight paper of a decorative nature; found in an assortment of colors, finishes, textures, and coatings. Sticking with technicalities, cover stock is generally classified by paper basis weight, rather than caliper, or thickness.


Aug 30,  · I print about 40 photo calendars on heavy paper (40 - 90 lb stock) every christmas. I need a new printer (or two) that are made to do the job and do it well an. The Yankees will accept only two types of tickets: traditional ones that are printed on hard-stock paper, or mobile ones, in which a fan would show his or her smartphone upon entering the stadium.

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Hard stock paper
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