Death star trash compactor essay

Are we to believe that the architects of the Death Star, a group of individuals bent on controlling the entire known universe, are also concerned about environmental issues?

This would be the logical way of building a deep space garbage disposal unit, BUT there is still plenty of room in the garbage compactor when it starts. Personally, were it up to me, I would have designed special garbage ships instead of employing a crude, cumbersome, and inefficient to say nothing of unsanitary compactor-worm combo to deal with the trash.

Ignoring the question of how Princess Leia could possibly know where the trash compactor is, or that the vent she blasts open leads to a good hiding place for the rescue crew, why are there vents leading down there at all?

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The bridge leading to the elevator is retractable so you can allow your figures to jump across the chasm.

Trash Compactor

Surely metal Death Star pieces are one of the main items of trash in need of compacting. Though this creature looks pretty weird, it was never sold separately or included in another set. This was achieved by diverting small portions of digested food into a series of ducts underneath the creature's skin, which would appear to affect the color of the dianoga's flesh.

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On the Implausibility of the Death Star’s Trash Compactor

Another infestation of dianoga was experienced by Dash Rendar in the sewers beneath Prince Xizor 's palace. Large shafts like these are typical of the Death Star's inner decks. The heroes are being chased, they jump down a vent and find themselves in the trash compactor, and the villains of the movie activate them to worsen their peril.

Why does the trash compactor compact trash so slowly, and with such difficulty, once the resistance of a thin metal rod is introduced? Because of their penchant for living in and feeding on organic waste, dianoga were sometimes referred to as garbage squids, sewage squids, or trash monsters.

You also have the first full representation of the dianoga, the monster that lurks in the filthy water. Finally, we have the the bottom level of the playset. The presence of a single dianoga was often cause for alarm, since the creatures were self-fertilizing hermaphrodites, and could quickly multiply to pose a larger problem.

The backside of the compactor will then move toward the door to simulate the scene from the movie, but at the very end the door will open and your figures can escape just in time!Finally, we have the the bottom level of the playset.

Beside the elevator, the only thing found on the bottom level may be the coolest thing of the entire playset: the trash compactor. The trash compactor is a separate piece that can be used anywhere else if you want to.

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The Death Star's Trash Compactor.

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Nov 11,  · My First attempt to make a PLAYABLE low-budget Diorama of the Trash Compactor scene from ANH. A collabo with Boshek71

Death star trash compactor essay
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