Boxing argument against its ban

I hope my argument has changed your stance on this, if not, then I will be waiting for your next argument.

Boxing Should Be Banned

Sports such as pro-wrestling, where violence is staged like a show are much more dangerous. Despite a tightening of safety regulations, neurological and non-neurological injuries have continued with this sport [4]. In spite of all the regulations, deaths and serious injuries take place every year in boxing.

There is no point trying to deny our human nature - man is an aggressive animal and sports provide a safe outlet for that aggression. Boxing, the physical skill of fighting with fists, originated as a sport around BC.

Should we ban boxing? Absolutely not

Often those around the boxer do very well at his or her expense. Knock-outs are very rare and serious injuries much less common than in the professional game although there are still deaths each year in amateur boxing. Horse-riding has times more fatalities perparticipants than boxing; scuba diving 11 times as many.

Even successful champions e. He is most famous for his two fights with Joe Louis in the s, which were highly politically charged, due to the Nazi Party takeover in Germany.

Banning boxing will just make "back door" boxing more popular as consumers will want to watch boxing, whether legal or not, and will pay lots of money which wont be taxed on illegal boxing.

In the first decade of this 21st Century, an additional 68 participants have died as a result of their participation in boxing. Professional boxing glamorizes violence and the concept of becoming rich and famous through physical aggression.

Why ban something that isn't harming anyone other than the people who chose to do it? Thousands more boxers have suffered permanent disfigurement, detached retinas in their eyes and various neurological complaints.

Rule changes came inwith the London Prize Ring Rules, and again over a century later when the Marquess of Queensberry rules introduced gloves and three minute rounds with one minute breaks.

Boxing is a very dangerous sport. In a boxing ring or cage, hundreds of onlookers cheer them on. Banning a sport because you think it is too "barbaric" is an awful reason to do so.The sound reasoning to ban boxing originates from the injuries inflicted on participants, such as that Nick Blackwell sustained against Eubank Jr., and these calls have come from the British.

- Argument Against a Ban on Boxing The entertaining sport of boxing, an athletic event consisting of numerous health conflictions, has been receiving some heat from legal and medical advocates, yet “Some of the qualities that have open boxing to attack have, at the same time, been its salvation”(Sammons ).

Boxing should not be banned because its a sport that people love and some of the greatest athletes in the world are boxers. Especially for people like me who really love boxing.

I mean look at Mohammed Ali one of the greatest boxers of all time, he didn't die from boxing he died from something else. The arguments below ask if boxing should be banned. Most apply to both the professional and amateur sports, but the last points deal particularly with banning the professional game while leaving amateur boxing.

Should We Ban Boxing? The usual arguments against the "sweet science" cut many ways. But when you examine its arguments one by one, you realize that the case against boxing is no stronger than. The usual arguments against the "sweet science" cut many ways.

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Boxing argument against its ban
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